word games for early readers

Basics. These are games and stories designed to help young children with reading. You need to have

for the games and stories to work correctly. Some games like Picture Words and Find the Pairs can be played without sound.

Stories. The stories are in "clickybook" format. Click the speaker icon to hear the page read out. You can also click on words to hear the words. Depending on the level of the story, either some words, or all words, are clickable.

Surprises. The games have little surprises which are discovered by playing them. For example a worm might pop up, or the monster may do unexpected things!

Customising the games. You can customise many of the games to suit your child. For example, the size of grids, the speed, the difficulty of the words, etc.,

Languages. At the moment there are two languages: English and Hindi. The aim is to have every game available in both languages. (It is very easy in the future to add other languages.)

The team. The games have been made by Murad with help and input (art, sound, and ideas) from Leena, Anisa and others. This whole site is very much under construction and more games will be added.

Timers. Timers can be hidden by clicking on them - in case they cause stress!

Images. Many of the images in the picture games are from the excellent repository of free images: openclipart. Here is a full list of the origins of thumbnails used. The background for Worm Words is the following landscape.

Data. All sounds are in compressed formats (ogg or mp3 depending on your browser). Images are of minimal size. Typically 1MB of data is about 50-80 sounds or images.

Contact. Please email


for comments and bug reports.