word games for early readers

Below are links to freely available images which have been used in the picture games. In some cases part of an image was used, or the image was modified in some way. The link text is the word associated with the image or section of the image.

afraid, alien, angry, ant, art, avocado, baby, ball, balloon, basket, bat, beak, bear, beard, bed, bee, bell, bicycle, bird, bite, bite, blow, boil, bone, boot, bottle, bounce, bow, bowl, brain, bread, bucket, bud, bug, building, bus, busy, butterfly, cake, camel, candle, card, carrot, cat, chat, cheese, child, chin, city, class, claws, climb, clock, cloud, clown, coat, coconut, cold, cook, corn, cot, cow, crab, crack, crow, crown, cry, cupboard, curtain, cut, dance, dice, dish, dog, doll, door, dragon, drink, duck, eat, egg, elephant, elf, eye, eyes, face, fall, fan, feed, feed, fence, fig, finger, fire, fish, flag, foot, forest, frog, game, garden, gear, geese, ghost, giraffe, glass, glasses, gloves, goal, goat, goose, grapes, grass, guitar, hair, hands, hanger, happy, head, heart, hen, hippo, hook, horse, hot, house, hug, hurt, ice, ill, jam, jar, jet, juggle, jump, kick, kid, kiwi, ladder, lake, leg, lemon, lick, lid, lion, list, lizard, lock, lolly, loo, look, mango, mask, melon, mirror, money, monkey, moon, mop, mosquito, mouse, music, nail, nest, night, nose, okay, oven, owl, ox, pan, panda, pants, paw, peacock, peas, peck, peg, pencil, penguin, people, piano, pie, pigeon, pill, pin, plant, plaster, point, pool, pot, pour, pump, pup, puppy, push, rabbit, read, rhino, ring, river, road, robot, rock, rocket, roll, roof, root, rope, sad, salt, scared, see, shave, sheep, shine, shiny, shirt, shoe, shower, sick, sip, sit, ski, sleep, slide, slime, slimy, slippers, snail, snake, spill, spray, star, stick, sun, swing, table, tail, teach, teacher, teeth, tent, tiger, time, toilet, tomato, tooth, top, torch, tortoise, train, tree, tub, turtle, umbrella, van, vegetables, view, violin, walk, wasp, water, wave, wax, web, whale, wheel, window, wolf, woman, world, worm, write, write, yak, yawn, zebra, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo